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Transform your Space.
Spark Joy in your Life.

"Life truly begins only after you have put your home in order." 

-Marie Kondo, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

Image by Maarten Deckers

Welcome to OneEighty Joy!

Professional organizing, specializing in the KonMari Method®

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by clutter in your home?

Struggling to get organized and stay organized?

Looking to change the way you live once and for all?

​Imagine your space as a calming, comfortable, and clutter-free environment that inspires you to live your best life and spend more time doing the things that bring you joy. 

This can become your reality with the life changing KonMari process. OneEighty Joy uses the principles of the KonMari Method® to help you see your space and your life in a fresh new perspective. You will be gently guided through a mindful and introspective process of visualizing your ideal lifestyle, decluttering, organizing, and most importantly – staying organized!

​Together we can do this!  Let's transform your space and bring joy to your life.

You taught me to value my possessions. You taught me how to let go. You taught me to look at the bigger picture. But the most important lesson you taught me was how to value myself.  Staring at my clutter-free, neatly-organized, spotless closet, brings me so much happiness!

Client S.G. 

KonMari folding Chicago

KonMari Method®

The KonMari Method® is a unique and holistic approach to organizing which, when followed correctly, can be life-changing.  This process encourages us to reevaluate our relationship with our possessions - cherishing things that spark joy and letting things go with gratitude.  

KonMari folding Chicago

Less is More

Physical Decluttering leads to a Decluttered Mind which means:

*More Energy and Creativity

*Greater Sense of Calm & Peace

*Less Stress and Anxiety

*More productivity

*More Time for a Happier and Healthier YOU. 

Charmaine Nichols OneEighty Joy KonMari Chicago

One-on-One Support

Life can be overwhelming, and sometimes you need a helping hand to get things in order.


I am here for you! I will guide, support, and encourage you through your decluttering and organizing journey - bringing peace and order to your space and your life. Once and for all.

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