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About Me

Hello, I’m Charmaine!   


As the founder of OneEighty Joy, I’m passionate about helping people transform their lives by transforming their spaces.  I am thrilled to share my passion with others who are ready to change the way they live - once and for all.


OneEighty Joy was inspired by my 180 degree change in mindset and habits after I discovered Marie Kondo and her life-changing philosophies. I couldn’t stop talking about the KonMari Method® and singing its praises which naturally led me to the next step of spreading the joy to others.  OneEighty Joy allows me to be a resource to others looking to simplify their routines and reset their lives.


As a wife, mom, and former business executive, I know that life can be inevitably hectic and disorderly. My mission is to help clients regain control of their cluttered spaces allowing them to have more time for joyful things and to live their ideal life.


With patience and motivational support, I use the principles of the KonMari Method® to empower you to make mindful, long-lasting, life-changing choices.  Cherish things that spark joy and let things go with gratitude.  


I look forward to guiding you on a transformational journey to ensure your space is a reflection of the lifestyle you seek. 


Transform your Space. Spark Joy in your Life.


Charmaine Nichols OneEighty Joy KonMari Chicago
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