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Working with OneEighty Joy

"A million thanks for teaching me how to navigate this life change. That is how I see it...a life change. For over a decade I have been overwhelmed with the amount of “junk” in my home. I hired you to help me get a kickstart in learning organizing skills that I totally lacked. What I got was so much more"       

 -Client S.G.

Transform your Space. Spark Joy in your Life.

Getting organized can be overwhelming and sometimes you need a helping hand to get things in order. Charmaine at OneEighty Joy will work side-by-side with you to help create life-changing habits so you can do more of the things you love.

OneEighty Joy uses the principles of the KonMari Method® to empower you to make mindful, long-lasting, life-changing choices.  

The process to start your clutter-free and organization journey: 


  • Initial FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs and goals, answer questions, and discuss a working plan.

  • Walk-through of your space to assess your current setup – judgement free!


  • Craft a vision for your ideal lifestyle and space - this important discussion will be your guide in helping you make decisions about what to keep and discard.


  • Coaching and hands-on support during the decluttering and organizing process. 

    • Recommended KonMari categories - clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental.

  • Curated recommendations for storage and layout + supply purchasing as needed.

  • One drop-off per session to donation center for your unwanted items


  • Unlimited text and email support between sessions.


  • Professional, motivating, encouraging, hands-on guidance throughout your transformational journey.


In-Home: $80 per hour

3 hour minimum/session

Packages of 20 hours receive 10% savings

Packages of 40 hours receive 15% savings.

Virtual:  $65 per hour

2 hour minimum/session

*The number of sessions needed varies widely and depends on household size, preferred client speed, and willingness to do homework.

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